Types of Places

Place to Go 📍

These are locations to head to for a few hours or a few days. You’ll find places like national parks, small towns, neighbourhoods and even islands you’ve never heard of.

Place to See 📸

These are places you’d want to stop at to take pictures or just take in a stunning view. You’ll find viewpoints, lookouts and monuments.

Place to Experience 🏔️

These are locations where you can immerse yourself through interaction. You’ll find everything from beautiful surf beaches to animal sanctuaries and even a museum with a giant outdoor trampoline.

Place to Indulge 🍴

These are the best places to grab a bite or a drink. We don’t ever want you to have a bad meal in a new place or even a city that you already know. We’ve gathered the best of the best for your taste buds. You’ll find the coolest hidden cocktail bars, snack shops, and restaurants cooking up the best local cuisine.

Place to Stay 🛏️

These are places for you to spend a night or a month. You’ll find everything from beautiful campsites to treehouse hotels. We want you to stay in a place so relaxing that you’ll want to move there.

Hidden Gem 💎

These are places that you probably didn’t know about. These treasures are
usually hard to get to but it’s always worth it when you do.

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